See the Fact Sheet:  The Affordable Care Act's New Patient's Bill of Rights:

As a patient you have the RIGHT to:

  • Be informed of your rights and responsibilities prior to receiving services.
  • Be informed of regulations governing patient conduct.
  • Be informed of charges, including any charges not covered under titles XVIII or XIX of the Social Security Account.
  • Be informed by a physician of your medical condition, to participate in developing your plan of care and to be advised in advance of changes in the plan of care.
  • To be assured of confidentiality of personal and medical records; to approve or refuse their release to anyone outside the agency except in the case of transfer to another facility or as required by law or third party payment contract.
  • Refuse treatment and to be informed of the consequences of such refusal.
  • Be assured of confidentiality of information related to your care, within regulation.
  • Be treated with dignity, consideration, respect and privacy by trained professional staff.
  • Exercise your rights or your family or guardian may exercise your rights if you have been judged incompetent.
  • Be advised in advance of person(s) who will provide care and the proposed frequency of visits.
  • Be informed within a reasonable time of anticipated termination of service.
  • Be informed that you and/or your care giver will be taught about illness so that you can help yourself and your care giver can understand and help you.
  • Refuse to participate in experimental research.
  • To be informed of the names, titles, and qualifications of personnel responsible for providing your health care and assurance that they are qualified through education and experience to carry out the services for which they are responsible.
  • To express complaints regarding services provided by the agency and to expect that complaints will be handled confidentially and without discrimination, reprisal or unreasonable interruption of services.

As a patient your RESPONSIBILITIES are to:

  • Remain under a doctor's care while receiving Campus Health Center Services (CHC).
  • Provide the CHC with a complete and accurate health history.
  • Provide the CHC all requested insurance and financial records.
  • Sign the required consents and releases for insurance billing.
  • Participate in your plan of care.
  • Accept the consequences for any refusal of treatment or choice of noncompliance.
  • Cooperate with your doctor, CHC staff, and other care givers.
  • Treat CHC personnel with respect and consideration.
  • Advise the CHC of any problems or dissatisfaction with our care, without being subject to discrimination or reprisal.
  • Notify the agency when unable to keep appointments (a fee will be charged for missed appointments).

Also, please see our CONFIDENTIALITY page for complete information about the Federal law, Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. 

Email is NOT a secure method of communication. PLEASE do NOT use email to discuss medical concerns or to transmit medical documents.